Love to Love: Favorite V-Day looks


My darlings! I know it has been like a month since I posted and I am the worst for that. My life has been crazy exciting since we’ve last chatted and I can not wait to share everything with you – but not yet 🙂 Anyway this week is Valentine’s Day, and I thought it a perfect time to slip in a love inspired post. This day is for way more than just the lover birds – the singles can enjoy every bit of a day about kisses, candy and hearts. And there are way more options that just pink and red to celebrate – romantic hues, lovely textures and perfect prints, I pulled a couple of adorable looks from around the web for the big day!


Click here for buying info!

And check ASOS for the most adorable patterned tights (floral and lace are my favorites!)

So don’t wear black this Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of a day all about love and wear something that makes you feel flirty and fun.

All of the love!




Weird Christmas List and Our Giveaway Winner!

So Christmas is so soon. Per usual, I have done little to no shopping yet – my family loves the hustle of last minute shopping. We do it together and pretty much always know what we are getting from each other. After a year of thrifting for myself, 720 Instant Vintage and you lovelies, I really feel like I have everything I need in my wardrobe. And what I don’t have, I know I will find at my next trip to my spots. Instead I have added the weirdest items to my wish list. Here is some of the list I gave my mom the other day:

1. Forever Lazy

forever-lazyMy current apt is all hardwood and often cold. I have a snuggie, knee high socks, a hoodie – but this replaces all of these things. I want one. I will wear it all over my house.




2. Slushie Cup

Slushy-Magic-CommercialI don’t think that anyone understands how many liquids I prefer in slushie form. I must admit that sometimes I put my water in the freezer so it gets some ice chunks and feels more like a slushie. This was made for me.



3. Banana Guard

Banana%20GuardMany mornings I grab a banana and yogurt for breakfast. I stick them in my bag and head out. Then when I get to where I am going, the banana is a bruised mess. Enter the banana guard. So simple but totally useful. Practical thy name is silly inventions.

Weird stuff but totally useful for my life. And I am a complete infomercial junkie so it all makes sense lol. What are some weird things on your list for this year?

Time to pick a winner for the Scala Sinamay Feather Headband! I used Rafflecopter and to store your entries and choose a winner. Our winner is….Dana! She did all the steps and upped her chances of winning. I will email you this afternoon, Dana – Congrats!

Well my loves, I am going to take a break until after the New Year. I will still be working on the store during this break so please don’t stop checking there. And I will still be on Twitter and Instagram.

Have an amazing holiday!



FRAAS Tech Gloves Review

photo 1

Today was the perfect day to try out my newest goodies from Lipton Publicity. A series of late buses had me standing in tha cold for way longer than I wanted, but I had my new FRAAS tech gloves to keep me busy. These knit gloves are touch screen compatible. Most touch screen gloves are spandex with noticeable pads on the fingertips, but FRAAS tried something a little different with these gloves. The thumb, pointer and middle finger have a different color knit on the tips that allow you to use photo 2your touch screens, the difference is almost invisible. Now as always, I am going to be completely honest with my review of these new products. I think that FRAAS missed the mark on this one. The gloves are very cute, the ruffle detail on mine added to the look for sure – but these thin knit gloves were neither warm or very useful with my phone. I think that the lack of fit made it a lot more work to make sure that the right part of your fingertip was touching the screen. A bit more snug fit that the spandex of other gloves gives would have made them almost perfect. Think it would help with the touching and give some insulation to an otherwise thin glove. If you don’t have a touch screen they are very adorable gloves. They come in 3 style options with many different colors. They retail at $30. If you want my opion, I would pass on these – it’s FRAAS first attempt at tech gloves for their new winter collection. I think some tweeking would give the perfect mix of feminine style and function.

Well dolls, that’s it for me this week. You mayhave noticed that posting on Wednesdays has become a little spotty – busy, busy days but thanks for haning with me! I am working on a fun holiday giveaway for next week so get ready.

Gift some great vintage for the holiday — take a look!

Have a perfect day!



Rescued Mustard

It seems so long since I have done an outfit post. Yesterday I pulled a skirt from my closet that I bought over a year ago. Had never worn it and was planning on selling it a month of so ago. So glad that I didn’t! This vintage warm wool was exactly what I needed on a chilly Sunday. It was raining like crazy yesterday so had to take the pictures inside (sorry for the shadows)

photo 2

photo 5 (2)

photo 1 (2)

J.Tiktiner Mustard Swing Skirt, Gray Cowl Neck Sweater, spotted leather belt: Thrift| Steve Madden Bag: Goodwill| Etienne Aigner boots: Macy’s (stole from my mama’s closet 🙂 )

I threw on a black and white polka dot scarf as the day got colder, but I could not have been happier with my total thrift outfit. So glad that I held on to this vintage piece.

Make sure that you check out the newest vintage in the store!

Have a great Monday,



Show a little pep

One of the many things that I love about fashion is how trends can come and go and mean nothing to you personally. Then there is that one piece that draws you right in and steals your heart. This is what happened to me with peplum shorts. I liked peplum, i raved about it in “Give peplum a chance“. But nothing sold me more than the boom of peplum shorts that are around. I need a pair. In fact I will not rest until my New Year’s outfit includes a pair of these. Here are some beauties I have been stalking online:

ps1 ps2

ps4ps3These last ASOS ones are faves of mine. I know they are like swimsuit short, but I would rock them with black tights and black ankle boots to make my legs look super long and lean. I am hunting for a longer pair but I don’t think you understand the love I feel for these.

What do you think about peplum shorts? Something you would think about rocking for a night out?

New Vintage in the store! Take a look!

Have a great weekend pretties,




3 New Ways to “Winterize” Your Maxi Dress

I was talking to a friend lately who said that she had no clothes for winter. Since I memorize most of my friends wardrobes (for borrowing and styling purposes lol) I started to rattle off things that I have seen her wear and asked what happened to those pieces. She explained that they were summer pieces. I have never been a “this piece for this season” kind of dresser and explained some ways that she could winterize these pieces. We think that throwing a cardigan or blazer over something is our only option for the cold weather. Not true! I took this maxi dress, and styled 3 very simple ways to make it perfect for the cold weather.

Merona Colorblock Maxi: Target (Goodwill)

1. Heavy Sweater

This is so versatile. Your chunky cable knits, your printed sweaters, cowl necks – any warm sweater that you can layer over top. Cinch your middle with a belt, throw on some ankle boots and you are done.

2. Chambray Button down

Honestly, a denim shirt is my “put a bird on it” for this season. Anything dressy that I want to make a little more casual, or casual that I want to funk up a bit gets a chambray button down and statement necklace. Wedges will give the regal lift to stand tall in this great look.

3. Plaid + Moto Jacket

This is my favorite. Flannel and plaid are so perfect for chillier weather. Put your favorite over your maxi dress. Tuck it under to give some lines to your look, and throw on your rockstar moto jacket. Try some lace up boots with this look, a scarf if you want. Such a great contrast of flow and structure.

Any ways you turn your summer in to winter? Think about your closet before you head out to buy a whole new cold weather wardrobe. Or contact me, I’d love to help 🙂

Did you check out the new vintage yet?? Take a look!

Have a great day,



The Inside on Outerwear

Happy Manly Monday loves! Per my usual Sunday, I spent yesterday at my Daddy’s house reading all of his men’s style magazines (yup, my Dad is that fly). A few magazines in I noticed a trend of less than typical outerwear for men this season. I love how fashion rules just change and all of a sudden something that no one thought was acceptable is on the cover of every magazine. Here are some of the outerwear alternatives for the gentleman this fall:

Puffer Vest

I must admit that I was not a big fan of the puffer vest by itself. So the puffer vest mixed with a tailored suit was like double horrible. A few pictures of Big Sean rocking a thinner vest changed my mind completely. I really like how this look brings a bit of casual to your normal suit. And keeping every piece tailored gives you all the class you need. You can replace your 3 piece vest, or throw it on top of a blazer or sweater. I would send you nowhere else but your local thrift store to find a wide variety of puffer vests. They are everywhere.



These used to be paired only with suits for the fancy occasions. Topcoats can now be your outerwear with jeans and a button down, sweater or hoodie. It just gives that extra look of purpose to any outfit. Dressing casual is fine, but I think that you should alway look like some effort was given. And a topcoat is the perfect way to do this. This is another trend that thrift stores have ton of. I have been finding great wool topcoats lately for under $35. Take a look before you head to a store to spend way more.



Sherpa/Shearling Lined

From bomber to lined denim jackets, there is nothing uncool about this outwear option. There is something so woodsman and pilot about the look. Finding these in good condition and fit is going to be the important part during a thrift hunt – but it is totally possibly. I have found two amazing sherpa collared mens coats for the store (they sold instantly). Try to keep the look as tailored as possible, and pair it with almost anything in your closet.


You can see that I am on my celeb crush today with these pictures. I am so happy to see celeb and real life cuties trying a little something different when it comes to bundling up this fall. You can take some risks and still stay very true to your personal style. And look super great while you do it 🙂

I will be working on ABS Vintage today. My long break from you guys let stuff really pile up so I’m working through the pile now. We still have great fall pieces and summer sale items – shop around!

Have a great day,




Layered Plaid

Some of you instagrammers saw a peek at my outfit yesterday (and my gush over my new Forever 21 over the knee socks), but I wanted to share some pictures of my fall outfit from yesterday.

American Rag Lace Dress, Plaid shirt, Spotted Belt: Thrifted|Two Tone Boots: Ebay|Colorblock over the knee socks: Forever21

Mixed textures are all the rage for fall. Leather and tweed, sequins and velvet, lace and plaid – all examples of great ways to get into this trend. The sun was in my eyes and rain on my head so that explains my silly faces in some. And some of you have asked if I use the sock bun technique for my bun – I don’t. That is all my wild hair tucked in with some bobby pins.

I didn’t get to putting new vintage on the store but I’m still working on it today. But still have great vintage available, shop around!

Happy Wednesday,



New Vintage!

Happy Friday my loves! I have been dealing with some family stuff lately and have found very little time to keep up with you – I’m sorry. By Monday I should be back in the swing of things and ready with a new post. Until then, I have some new vintage for you on ABS Vintage! This fall is all about prints – and boy do I have just that for you. Take a look – and the more you buy, the more I can upload 🙂


End of Summer Sale still going on – 50% off all summer sale items with ILUVFALL code.

Have a great weekend – thanks for hanging in there with me,



3 Things…

Happy Monday, Darlings! I have kind of a run around like a mad woman day ahead so this is going to be super quick. Three things:

1. Forever21: Free Shipping on orders over $21, Code: FREESHIP21

I prefer no minimums on my free shipping but you can still get some a lot of goodies for $21. This deal is until 9/26.

2. Kohl’s:  Free shipping, no minimum, Code: FREE2SHIP

I don’t shop at Kohl’s often but I have a pair of favorite jeans from there a long time ago, so they are worth giving a look. This deal is until 9/25.

3. ABS Vintage: New Vintage and 50% off Summer Sale, Code: ILUVFALL

Part of my run around morning is uploading new vintage to the store. I put up a few pieces already, working on a few more. Take a look!

I have some great goodies from Lipton Publicity in my mailbox so I am going to have a review for you on Wednesday. It’s finally cold enough to really indulge in fall fashion and I am so excited!

Have a great day 🙂