The Inside on Outerwear

Happy Manly Monday loves! Per my usual Sunday, I spent yesterday at my Daddy’s house reading all of his men’s style magazines (yup, my Dad is that fly). A few magazines in I noticed a trend of less than typical outerwear for men this season. I love how fashion rules just change and all of a sudden something that no one thought was acceptable is on the cover of every magazine. Here are some of the outerwear alternatives for the gentleman this fall:

Puffer Vest

I must admit that I was not a big fan of the puffer vest by itself. So the puffer vest mixed with a tailored suit was like double horrible. A few pictures of Big Sean rocking a thinner vest changed my mind completely. I really like how this look brings a bit of casual to your normal suit. And keeping every piece tailored gives you all the class you need. You can replace your 3 piece vest, or throw it on top of a blazer or sweater. I would send you nowhere else but your local thrift store to find a wide variety of puffer vests. They are everywhere.



These used to be paired only with suits for the fancy occasions. Topcoats can now be your outerwear with jeans and a button down, sweater or hoodie. It just gives that extra look of purpose to any outfit. Dressing casual is fine, but I think that you should alway look like some effort was given. And a topcoat is the perfect way to do this. This is another trend that thrift stores have ton of. I have been finding great wool topcoats lately for under $35. Take a look before you head to a store to spend way more.



Sherpa/Shearling Lined

From bomber to lined denim jackets, there is nothing uncool about this outwear option. There is something so woodsman and pilot about the look. Finding these in good condition and fit is going to be the important part during a thrift hunt – but it is totally possibly. I have found two amazing sherpa collared mens coats for the store (they sold instantly). Try to keep the look as tailored as possible, and pair it with almost anything in your closet.


You can see that I am on my celeb crush today with these pictures. I am so happy to see celeb and real life cuties trying a little something different when it comes to bundling up this fall. You can take some risks and still stay very true to your personal style. And look super great while you do it 🙂

I will be working on ABS Vintage today. My long break from you guys let stuff really pile up so I’m working through the pile now. We still have great fall pieces and summer sale items – shop around!

Have a great day,