Weird Christmas List and Our Giveaway Winner!

So Christmas is so soon. Per usual, I have done little to no shopping yet – my family loves the hustle of last minute shopping. We do it together and pretty much always know what we are getting from each other. After a year of thrifting for myself, 720 Instant Vintage and you lovelies, I really feel like I have everything I need in my wardrobe. And what I don’t have, I know I will find at my next trip to my spots. Instead I have added the weirdest items to my wish list. Here is some of the list I gave my mom the other day:

1. Forever Lazy

forever-lazyMy current apt is all hardwood and often cold. I have a snuggie, knee high socks, a hoodie – but this replaces all of these things. I want one. I will wear it all over my house.




2. Slushie Cup

Slushy-Magic-CommercialI don’t think that anyone understands how many liquids I prefer in slushie form. I must admit that sometimes I put my water in the freezer so it gets some ice chunks and feels more like a slushie. This was made for me.



3. Banana Guard

Banana%20GuardMany mornings I grab a banana and yogurt for breakfast. I stick them in my bag and head out. Then when I get to where I am going, the banana is a bruised mess. Enter the banana guard. So simple but totally useful. Practical thy name is silly inventions.

Weird stuff but totally useful for my life. And I am a complete infomercial junkie so it all makes sense lol. What are some weird things on your list for this year?

Time to pick a winner for the Scala Sinamay Feather Headband! I used Rafflecopter and to store your entries and choose a winner. Our winner is….Dana! She did all the steps and upped her chances of winning. I will email you this afternoon, Dana – Congrats!

Well my loves, I am going to take a break until after the New Year. I will still be working on the store during this break so please don’t stop checking there. And I will still be on Twitter and Instagram.

Have an amazing holiday!




3 Things…

Happy Monday, Darlings! I have kind of a run around like a mad woman day ahead so this is going to be super quick. Three things:

1. Forever21: Free Shipping on orders over $21, Code: FREESHIP21

I prefer no minimums on my free shipping but you can still get some a lot of goodies for $21. This deal is until 9/26.

2. Kohl’s:  Free shipping, no minimum, Code: FREE2SHIP

I don’t shop at Kohl’s often but I have a pair of favorite jeans from there a long time ago, so they are worth giving a look. This deal is until 9/25.

3. ABS Vintage: New Vintage and 50% off Summer Sale, Code: ILUVFALL

Part of my run around morning is uploading new vintage to the store. I put up a few pieces already, working on a few more. Take a look!

I have some great goodies from Lipton Publicity in my mailbox so I am going to have a review for you on Wednesday. It’s finally cold enough to really indulge in fall fashion and I am so excited!

Have a great day 🙂