Show a little pep

One of the many things that I love about fashion is how trends can come and go and mean nothing to you personally. Then there is that one piece that draws you right in and steals your heart. This is what happened to me with peplum shorts. I liked peplum, i raved about it in “Give peplum a chance“. But nothing sold me more than the boom of peplum shorts that are around. I need a pair. In fact I will not rest until my New Year’s outfit includes a pair of these. Here are some beauties I have been stalking online:

ps1 ps2

ps4ps3These last ASOS ones are faves of mine. I know they are like swimsuit short, but I would rock them with black tights and black ankle boots to make my legs look super long and lean. I am hunting for a longer pair but I don’t think you understand the love I feel for these.

What do you think about peplum shorts? Something you would think about rocking for a night out?

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Have a great weekend pretties,