FRAAS Tech Gloves Review

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Today was the perfect day to try out my newest goodies from Lipton Publicity. A series of late buses had me standing in tha cold for way longer than I wanted, but I had my new FRAAS tech gloves to keep me busy. These knit gloves are touch screen compatible. Most touch screen gloves are spandex with noticeable pads on the fingertips, but FRAAS tried something a little different with these gloves. The thumb, pointer and middle finger have a different color knit on the tips that allow you to use photo 2your touch screens, the difference is almost invisible. Now as always, I am going to be completely honest with my review of these new products. I think that FRAAS missed the mark on this one. The gloves are very cute, the ruffle detail on mine added to the look for sure – but these thin knit gloves were neither warm or very useful with my phone. I think that the lack of fit made it a lot more work to make sure that the right part of your fingertip was touching the screen. A bit more snug fit that the spandex of other gloves gives would have made them almost perfect. Think it would help with the touching and give some insulation to an otherwise thin glove. If you don’t have a touch screen they are very adorable gloves. They come in 3 style options with many different colors. They retail at $30. If you want my opion, I would pass on these – it’s FRAAS first attempt at tech gloves for their new winter collection. I think some tweeking would give the perfect mix of feminine style and function.

Well dolls, that’s it for me this week. You mayhave noticed that posting on Wednesdays has become a little spotty – busy, busy days but thanks for haning with me! I am working on a fun holiday giveaway for next week so get ready.

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