Fashion Crystal Ball: Spring 2013

I missed you all so much! Christmas to the New Year and a few weeks beyond have been great and busy and hectic and fun. I meant to come back way sooner but time does really fly when you’re having fun. So I was going to do the typical Golden Globes rundown this morning as my return, but I figured you would be seeing that all over the web. So instead I am going to use my fashion superpowers to predict the hottest spring trends for 2013. Fashion week is coming so soon and we are already discussing fall 2013 trends – but we still have some very warm days to get through first. Alright gentlemen, for our first Manly Monday back we’ll talk about what I hope to see you wearing once the snow melts.


This is always a big spring staple for women. And this year I am beyond happy to see the men adding delicious pastels to their wardrobe. Ferragamo did it perfectly in his Spring 2013 collection. That mint shade is so perfect.

sorbet2sorbet3 sorbet4


Fancy Footwear

Men in patent leather loafers with two-toned tassels sounds like heaven to me. I love when mens fashion allows them to pay a little more attention to detail and turn on the flash.


Schoolboy Chic

Prep School blazers, cardigans, even the knee-length shorts. I am all over this for spring.

schoolboy schoolboy2

And a few things I’m really hoping we left in the past:

Popped Collars

Please, I am begging you – stop doing this. Maybe it is just me, but I never remember liking this. And double collars popped? — don’t have enough time to discuss that one.


Dirty Toms

I am a fan of slip-ons. But your light-colored Toms are going to get dirty – and when this happens you need to either get rid of them or find a way to clean them up. Nothing ruins the perfect spring look faster.


Ed Hardy

Need I say anything? I just think the glitter and motorcycle gang cliché tattoos could stand to take a rest in 2013. Let’s start the year of right people.


So fellas, any additions to the list? Anything you are giving an absolute no?

Making myself add to ABS Vintage this week so stick around!

Love you all, glad to be back 🙂




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