Something just ain’t right about you, Kitten Heels


The first time I wrote a “something just ain’t right about you” was all about shorts with tights. Those of you who follow me on instagram have seen that I have totally reformed from this thought. I LOVE shorts with tights. I think it took the perfect shorts, tights, show combo to change my mind. Well the trend that I am not so sure about now are kitten heels. This is that tiny heel that you see on lots of vintage shoes and now on the runway of big designers like Louis Vuitton and Vince Camuto. I must say that I am still very unhappy to see this trend come back but an adorable pair of vintage suede over-the-knee boots that I found are pushing me to change my mind. Here are the boots:


I am so in love. I think that my shortness has made me a fan of the highest heels possible, and kitten heels feel like a bit of a waste. But I have started to see some kitten heels that I can rock with. Block heels, colorblocked or a subtle lift are the advantages to kitten heels. Skinny toothpick ones are not for me. A google search showed me some of the below – you can see what I mean.


YES!: Good shape heel, fits perfectly with the shoe


NO!: Have such a solid shoe and added the toothpick heel


YES!: Adorable color and the heel adds something less casual to the sandal


NO!: Once again there are great things about the shoe, the skinny heel just doesn’t add anything

What do you think about kitten heels?

The expo went great this weekend! Uploading new vintage today.

Have a great Monday,




2 thoughts on “Something just ain’t right about you, Kitten Heels

  1. i HATE kitten heels. and have rarely seen a pair i liked. my fave – FLOTUS – stays rocking kitten heels and it makes me angry lol. she’s super tall so i get it. but still…

    but i must say i really love the black heel up top – id rock those in a second!!

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