3 New Ways to “Winterize” Your Maxi Dress

I was talking to a friend lately who said that she had no clothes for winter. Since I memorize most of my friends wardrobes (for borrowing and styling purposes lol) I started to rattle off things that I have seen her wear and asked what happened to those pieces. She explained that they were summer pieces. I have never been a “this piece for this season” kind of dresser and explained some ways that she could winterize these pieces. We think that throwing a cardigan or blazer over something is our only option for the cold weather. Not true! I took this maxi dress, and styled 3 very simple ways to make it perfect for the cold weather.

Merona Colorblock Maxi: Target (Goodwill)

1. Heavy Sweater

This is so versatile. Your chunky cable knits, your printed sweaters, cowl necks – any warm sweater that you can layer over top. Cinch your middle with a belt, throw on some ankle boots and you are done.

2. Chambray Button down

Honestly, a denim shirt is my “put a bird on it” for this season. Anything dressy that I want to make a little more casual, or casual that I want to funk up a bit gets a chambray button down and statement necklace. Wedges will give the regal lift to stand tall in this great look.

3. Plaid + Moto Jacket

This is my favorite. Flannel and plaid are so perfect for chillier weather. Put your favorite over your maxi dress. Tuck it under to give some lines to your look, and throw on your rockstar moto jacket. Try some lace up boots with this look, a scarf if you want. Such a great contrast of flow and structure.

Any ways you turn your summer in to winter? Think about your closet before you head out to buy a whole new cold weather wardrobe. Or contact me, I’d love to help 🙂

Did you check out the new vintage yet?? Take a look!

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